Volunteer with us

Volunteer with us and be part of an amazing journey today! Whether in the role of mentor, event coordinator, food distributor, or emcee, it only takes a willing heart to make a difference to others. Here are the current available role(s):

Mentors for children of offenders / reformed offenders


  • To provide positive family and peer relationships, spur the development, and better the decision-making of mentees

  • To encourage a supportive and safe environment for the mentees

  • To foster pro-social behaviour between the mentor and mentee

  • To provide motivation and support to the mentees by helping to set goals and examples or guiding them with directions and advice

  • To be the eyes and ears of the case managers for the families, especially the mentees

  • To discover strengths and apply them in real-life struggles


  • Minimum 21 years old and above

  • Minimum 1 year commitment consisting of mixture of virtual and physical meet-ups and texting

  • Comfortable with doing home visits

In addition, we may have these volunteering opportunities from time to time:

  • [Ad-hoc] Living Environment Assistance Project (LEAP) i.e. home improvement
  • [Ad-hoc] Support for IRF events (Emcee)
  • [Ad-hoc] Support for IRF events (Photographer/Videographer)
  • [Ad-hoc] Support for IRF events (Ushers, event game masters, coordinators etc.)
  • [Ad-hoc] Coordinator for birthday celebration/party
  • [Ad-hoc] Content creation (e.g. copywriting, video editing, graphic design)
  • [Ad-hoc] Coordinator/Facilitator of Workshops
  • [Long-term, minimum 1 year] Facilitator of support group for ex-offenders or mothers/caregivers of their children

If you are keen, register your interest with us today! 

Email us at volunteer@iscos.org.sg for more details.