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March 2020 – She makes her mark in careers dominated by men (The Straits Times)


December 2019 – Children of ex-offenders get bursary boost (The New Paper)

December 2019 – Programme to offer opportunities to children of ex-offenders to pursue their interests (Berita Harian)

December 2019 – Three siblings work hard to obtain bursaries (Shin Min Daily)

December 2019 – Children of current and former offenders received sponsorships to pursue their dreams (Lian He Zao Bao)

December 2019 – Bursaries for 320 children of current and former offenders (The Straits Times)

November 2019 – This way to the future (A Magazine)

November 2019 – ISCOS 30th Anniversary Charity Gala (Peak)

October 2019 – Kind hearts and good intentions (ICON)

October 2019 – Feting fresh starts (Prestige)

May 2019 – Getting close to families of ex-offenders during Ramadan (Berita Harian)

March 2019 – Capital 95.8 FM 步步追踪

January 2019 – Young mother takes drugs and loses custody of son (Lian He Wan Bao)

January 2019 - ISCOS believes that second chances can help ex-offenders (Berita Minggu)

January 2019 - Do not bother about what people say...what matters is to keep the family together (Berita Minggu)

January 2019 - Trying to strengthen family bonds after father’s release from prison (Berita Minggu)


December 2018 – Supporting Ex-Offenders and their Families (Ministry of Home Affairs)

December 2018 – ISCOS awards $96,200 bursary awards to 315 disadvantaged students (Berita Harian)

December 2018 – His Mum's Tears Moved Him to Change (The New Paper)

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