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When an individual goes to prison, he or she is not the only one affected.

More often than not, the families and children suffer greatly as they are hit with the loss of breadwinner, sudden absence of a parental figure, strained ties as well as the social stigma towards offenders and their families.

In particular, the children are often susceptible to various factors such as low income, erratic parental behaviours, poor family relationships and poor academic performance.

In fact, studies have shown that not only they are more likely to achieve low educational attainment, there is a higher likelihood for them to commit crimes, a phenomenon known as intergenerational offending.

We want to do something to prevent that from happening.

The ISCOS ReGen Fund (IRF) is a charity fund established to serve reformed offenders and their families by:


Supporting the return of reformed offenders into the community so that they can live independent lives and be contributing members of the family and community.

Education and Skills

Providing children of reformed offenders the opportunity of a complete education and the skills to enable them to be employable and financially independent.

With effect from 15 March 2019, IRF has been officially approved as an Institution of a Public Character (IPC). With the IPC status, all donations made to IRF will be eligible for 2.5 times tax deduction.

The name ‘ ReGen ’ is made up of ‘Re’ and ‘Gen’ – ‘Re’ embodies the notion of reintegration into society, renewed and reformed life while the term ‘Gen’ refers to the younger generation and families of reformed offenders.

The Fairy Godparent Programme (FGP) is a dedicated initiative run by IRF to prevent intergenerational offending and to empower the children and families of reformed offenders so that they can lead meaningful and productive lives.

It adopts a holistic approach covering the three domains:

Family Support

  • Parenting Workshops
  • Family Workshops
  • Family Day and other bonding activities
  • Case Management

Student Development

  • Sponsored Tuition
  • Bursary Award
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Case Management
  • Youth Engagement Platform
  • Birthday Celebrations

Home Environment

  • Facilitation of proper physical study environment at home
  • Education and assistance for parents on other aspects of the home that affects child’s learning capacity

For other programmes specifically for ex-offenders, please refer to www.iscos.org.sg.

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